Delivered groceries that are astounding.

While supporting regional and independent producers, delight in astoundingly fresh food and well picked products.

Welcome to Farmers Hill!

Farmers Hill is a farmdrop service that helps small and medium farmers in the UK market their products. We believe that every farmer should be able to focus on growing their business and not worry about marketing or competition.
With Farmers Hill, you can rest assured that we will handle all of your marketing and customer acquisition so that you can focus on what’s most important: growing your farm!
By creating a shop in our website, we will do the marketing and communication for you. Your shop will be visible online to many different clients and you can expose all your products in your shop. We want farmers to have an easier time doing business while they’re busy growing food.

Our Values

Put the local first

Most of our farmers tends to offer local food wherever they can because it tends to be fresher, more seasonally appropriate, and less carbon-intensive. Despite our best efforts, some fresh product cannot be found locally. Yet, we want you to be able to complete your entire grocery shopping at Farmers Hill, which is why we carefully choose products from other markets to complement our local offerings. Everyone benefits from a wide selection of products that prioritizes local suppliers. You get to consume high-quality products produced locally and independently, and those producers get to sell to a larger market, supporting a more sustainable food system.

Prioritize animals

Most of our farmers produce fresh meat and eggs in accordance with the highest standards for animal welfare, with Pasture for Life accreditation being preferable. Items including meat and eggs will only use free-range ones. We mostly use free-range meat for our beef, lamb, poultry, and pork, allowing each animal to live out its instincts in peace. Since meat from animals fed a natural diet is leaner and higher in healthy fats and vitamins, the majority are raised only on grass and pasture.

Avoid damaging our globe

Most of our farmers practice environmentally friendly, sustainable farming methods and good land management, which assist to protect natural resources and improve the soils for healthier livestock and agricultural products. The ideal option is organic or the practice of organic, and imported products will always be shipped by the most environmentally friendly method rather than by air.

Our process:

Farmers Hill is a marketplace for small and medium-sized UK farmers to sell their products online. We’re committed to making it as easy as possible for farmers to find customers, get paid, and keep track of their sales.

For every farmer who signs up with us and fill out the form, we’ll do the following:

  1. We’ll connect with our internal research team, who will help us research all the necessary information concerning the farmers who filled out the forms and check if they fit our standards.
  2. Once their account is approved, we’ll send them an approval email so they can create their shop on the site.
  3. Once they have the shop set up, we’ll let them fill out all of the shop requirements (including adding photos and product titles) and then add items to their shop as well as pricing information if applicable (which you can customize in your settings).
  4. Finally, we’ll notify the farmers when they receive orders through our system so they can start getting paid!